Monday, 23 November 2015


She is a weird small character I have been doodling for a while. A deer thing, living in a world of trolls and such. I kinda like her. I might color her at some point but now this will do.

Oh and I felt like drawing a horse.

Here's the original sketch

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ripley and her Xenomorph

This one stood on my computer for months, just waiting to be finished. It's a perfect example of a pic you start with fervor and after a while realize doesn't interest you at all. But tonight I was in a xenomorph mode and played with it a bit.

Here are a few steps to the finished one.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Eino Leinon Helkavirret - Kimmon Kosto

We made the national news with our comic Eino Leinon Helkavirret today. Sadly due to having a day job I could not join the other artists for the interview, but regardless am super happy about the publicity :) To celebrate that here's a couple of pages of the comic I colored for the album, on top of painting the cover. The comic is pencilled and inked by the fantastic comic artist Tuomas Myllylä, best known for his series Pakanat - Pagans.

You can read the news story here.

Page 1

Page 4

Page 8

Monday, 6 July 2015

Demon girl

A very random monster sketch for an upcoming comic project.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Helkavirsiä cover

The finished cover for Helkavirsiä
I was asked to paint the cover for Helkavirsiä, a comic anthology drawn by several artists. All the comics are based on works of Eino Leino, a famed Finnish poet. Most of his poeatry is tied into Finnish folklore and the themes are very dark. The artists drawing the comic are some of Finland's best. The likes of Petri Hiltunen (who's brainchild the whole comic is), Tuomas Myllylä, Katja Louhio and Vesa Vitikainen. The album will be out fall of 2015 from Arktinen Banaani, so be sure to check it out :)

Now onto the cover! Petri Hiltunen posted me the original cover of the book Helkavirret and asked for my interpretation of it. He just wanted it to be as gritty and bloody.

The original cover.
We suspected that the cover was connected to the poem about Ylermi, so I worked with the story where Ylermi kills his wife and child. In my image the ghosts are haunting him in the most loving manner.

At first I tried staying very true to the cover but was never really happy with it. I felt that the image was somewhat corny and was very far from what I wanted to portray. So on the last minute I just started from the scratch. Here are the steps to the final cover :)

Original line art. My boyfriend drew the clother of Ylermi as I had no idea how an outfit in that era Finland would work.
Fleshing out the cover but I was not happy
So I drew it again