Friday, 18 February 2011

Sketchy Androidess

Still extremely busy with the thesis but thought it might interets some of you to see a step by step from sketch to color(and had a perfect pic for that at hand...). So here goes.

Initial sketch where I've already started refining the eyes and mouth

More refining, looking for the shape of hair

Added a black background and started playing more with light.

Starting to play with color. I felt the background was too dark and took something away from the character so I went back a few steps at this point.

Final image. In the end it was too light without the bg but as black felt too harsh I added a purple "glow" around her. Actually the purple layer is over the whole pic and also adds nifty 
shades to some areas.

And there you have it. The picture was originally meant for an ad but didn't feel it suited the purpose so in the end I did the whole thing again and this ended up being just another character sketch thingy.

The final ad(where I cleverly found use for the earlier business card sketch...)


Normally I flip the pictures at some point of drawing them to check the antomy but with this one I never did. Now I just flipped it and almost kicked myself as it looks sooo much better this way. Damn. Whish I had shown that to the customer.

Friday, 11 February 2011


So no posts for a while again. The thing is that I'm currently working on my thesis which pretty much takes every waking hour of my time. I'm making the whole graphic design of Finncon/ Animecon 2011. It is the biggest unprofitable Scifi/Animecon in europe and with it's yearly visitor count being over 10 000, it's not the smallest of things to be making all their visuals. I'm designing everything from logos to posters and t-shirts. I have only couple of months to do it so yeah, busy.

As I can't post most of the stuff for them yet and haven't had time to do other stuff, I thought I'd post a couple of things that I originally designed for them but won't be used. The first is a business card and the second... Well, the character is designed for the con but she isn't, krhm, kissing any batteries in the visuals for that. As the happening is for all ages. After trying to come up with good designs for the anime side I was so full of big eyes and smiles that I just had to go the other way ;D

 The logo in this is not the final version but still 
obviously copyright of me & Finncon Ry

 This was a very fast speed paint of the android girl I designed for Finncon/Animecon.
The lyrics in this are from the song F.T.W.W.W. 
from the band The Mad Gear And Missile Kid.