Saturday, 24 July 2010

Falling from above page 2

This is the second page from a comic called Falling from above written by the very talented Brady Sullivan, drawn by Angel Tovar and Philip Matias on inks. And yeah obviously me doing the colors. 

The first page is can be found here

So yeah, here's the lines

And here's the final colors

As a curiosity I'll also add the original colors. For the longest of times the background in the last panel was purple. Before I realised it really doesn't go together with the first page and felt it was too cheery othervise too.

Think I said everyhting about this project when posting the first page, so go read it there :D

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Falling from above

So I finally have something to show again! I've been working on quite a lot of things lately but haven't been able to post anything until now.

This is the first page from a comic called Falling from above written by the very talented Brady Sullivan, drawn by Angel Tovar and Philip Matias on inks. And yeah obviously me doing the colors. 

Here you can see the lines

This was the first time doing a superhero comic for me and it took quite some time to find a good color scheme for it. I realised pretty early on that making those bright superheroish colors is a lot harder then it looks! After a lot of trial and error I pretty much gave up and just decided to go with the kind of colors I love, you guessed it:de-sat :D Thankfully they worked out better then expected for this and as the story isn't really your straight forward superhero thing anyways I think the darker and more sinister colors emphasise that nicely.

And here's the colors

Monday, 5 July 2010

Turku comics club anthology

My hometwns comic club publishes a comic anthology every year. It always has a theme of sorts and this year it was scifi. I got the immense joy of fixing it to print this year(please note the heavy sarcasm on the joy part) and also ended up doing a one pager to it. Or well, I sent it to print this morning and did the comic late last night... We never got some ad's that were supposed to be in it(thanks guys...) so we had one empty page with nothing to put in it. My boyfriend and I(who just happens to be the editor of this thing, krhm) have been joking about polar bears in space for months so I did a quick page on that. It's pretty much just lines as I really did this in the last minute which is a shame. For some reason the things that end up in print from me always seem to be doodles done in two minutes :D But well, maybe I'll finish this one day, or not. Here it is never the less

 A very crude translation would go: " Join the patrol they said. Explore the galaxy and see new worlds... For some reason they never mentioned getting a partner who forget where he parked our spaceship, with the stealth on..." So yeah, that thing in her hand is supposed to be some kind of locator for an invisible spaceship. Crude, I know :D And man was it a pain to draw a facepalming polar bear!

But really, check out the Anthology 4: Scifi from Tursa! It's published in Finncon2010. And most of the art is actually good and not done in 5 minutes. Here's a peek of the covers by the amazingly talented Mr. Ossi Hiekkala

I took forever fixing the graphics for the covers. I loved Ossi's painting so much that I wanted to push it up even more with using colors from it and keeping the rest pretty neutral and minimalistic. I started with a retro pulpish feel and the editor originally wanted a black cover but I felt that this picture needed air and light around it, not black blocks.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wacom Intuos 4

I got my new Wacom today, yayyy! My old Wacom died few weeks back and has been a total pain to use after that. It's just too old and too bad to begin with. So I finally gave up and coughed up the money for a Wacom Intos 4. And I have to say it was well worth it. It is a sheer joy to work on it :)

Here's a sketch I did while trying it out. I started out from a black smudge and it ended up becoming Snow White and Bigby wolf. Sort of ;D Took me something between 5 to 15 minutes to do so even though it's nowhere near done I'm pretty happy with it.