Saturday, 20 November 2010

Zuma vs. Galema by Pagulayan & Boysicat

This is just a really quick coloring I did while trying not to fall asleep on a lecture :D

I loved these pencils by Guisadong-gulay as soon as I saw them so I was really happy to find out that the super talented Boysicat had inked it.

I have to admit I don't know who these characters are. By Googling them all I found out was that they are apparently father and daughter and that his skin is green or greenish. So if the colors are totally off, I apologize. Really loved working on this though.

The original pencils by  Carlo Pagulayan(Guisadong-gulay)
The original inks by Boysicat

I had the hardest time deciding the small snake's
colors but simply loved coloring the big one.

I first tried a blueish bg

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Batman by Finch and JPMayer REDO

So after looking at the pic (David Finch Batman I colored last night) again and getting some pointers from the super talented Mr. Ossi Hiekkala I realised there's some pretty bad problems with the earlier version. As this was the first Bats I did I wanted to do it right and started fixing it. And ended up coloring bats again and well, pretty much doing the whole thing all over. So here's the new versions. I think they're quite a lot better, but would love to know what you guys think.

The original can be found here

This one is my personal favorite

Here I combined the recolored Batman and 
the background from the old version.

Batman by Finch and JPMayer

I haven't really had the time to color anything again lately. But tonight I was too tired to do any actual work but too awake to sleep so I thought I'd tackle David Finch's Batman pin-up, inked by JPMayer.

I haven't  always been a huge fan of Batman. Frankly I felt the character was, well... Boring. I still read Catwoman, Gotham Central, Nightwing, Birds of Pray and everything I could about the superb bad guys around him. Until one day I ran out of comics about Gotham and slyly my boyfriend gave me A Long Halloween saying, this one has all your favorite characters. I wasn't too eager about it but thought I'd give it a try. After that he gave me Hush. All I can say is, my boyfriend is one smart guy :D Now it is me in our family buying all the Batman titles I can get my hands on.

I've wanted to color the character for months but never found the right pic. Or then the picture was already colored by someone so beautifully that I knew I could never get even close to it.

When I saw the inks by JPMayer in DeviantArt I knew I had found my picture. I love Finch's style and the drawing was brand new to me. I had never seen it colored. I love doing pictures like that and this one also had the right mood.

I ended up using even more texture brushes and layers then normally. I feel it gives a certain depth to pic and makes it alive.

I redid the colors on this few days later. You can find the fixed version here

The inks by JPMeyer

The final colors by me

Colors before fixing the levels

Bats without the textures and final lighting effects

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

RIP Maxi Mau

9.11.1997 - 10.11.2010

The man of my life has passed. Broke my heart.