Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I've wanted to do something, anything, other then just donate for RedCross ever since I heard for the disaster in Japan. I just haven't had the faintest idea what. When I bumped into this project, I decided to try and find the time to do something for it. Today is the last day to submit so I used my morning "warm up sketch time" to do it. Would have loved to refine this more but also ended up liking the simplicity of it. Have no idea if this will actually make the video, but don't really feel that's the main point of it all either.

Anyways, here's my contribution

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Animecon 2011 Flyer

And here's my suggestion for Animecon 2011 the flyer. Might still change though. I'm starting to get comfortable with the characters and colors. Finally.

I still feel the turquoise is a bit too "dirty". Just can't get the damn color to work as I want. What do you guys think? Does it look scruffy to your eyes or just bright enough?

Oh and the size will be A6, so the pic added here is a lot bigger. In case any of you ponder at the non refined details. No point in refining the pic to death if the size = tiny.


Fixed the sat a bit but still not complitely happy with it. Cmyk why must you make my life so difficult?

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Finncon/Animecon web banners

Back to the thesis train. Here's the web banners I painted for Finncon/Animecon 2011. As with all the other material the idea is to have two different versions of everything, anime one and "western comic" one. It took me foreveeer to get the anime down and am still not convinced that it's great. However, it had to be finished so here they are.

You can soon see these banners and new layouts on the pages.

Here's a bigger version of the animecon banner and a close up of the android in finncon.

It's a shame that they ended up being so small, a lot of details were lost but the original size was simply too big for smaller screens. Such is life.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Gerard Way portrait

I've been a bit under the weather last few days with a nasty flu. So as I wasn't well enough to actually work but not dead enough to just lay in bed I decided to sketch a bit. Well, a bit more then a bit as this one turned into a full digital painting and I ended up using couple of hours on it. I'm quite happy with how it turned out even though there is still something a bit odd going on with the hair(I won't even mention the hands. Trust me, I know.). Meant to make it very short first(see the first step) but then wasn't too into it and ended fiddling with it way longer then I was supposed to. Anyways this worked as a really nice b&w practice piece, might have to make a few more of these when I find the time.

And I simply loved just doing something non thesis/work related for the first time in ages.

The final painting


Original sketch
I actually really like this stage. Thought of leaving it like this for a while but then decided to push on.

The eyes still looked a bit possessed in this one and the hair was wonky.

And yes, I am still the worlds oldest emo teen.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

WIP Androidess

Here's a little work in progress shot of one of the pics I'm working on for Finncon-Animecon 2011. I was given the permission to show this stuff so I can finally post something again.

This is a part of the banner that will be used on the webpage soon(well, as soon as I finish these). I surprised even myself with starting to paint this instead of just normally coloring as I planned to. But i do like the way it looks like. Might have to start doing more stuff like this.

Please note that this isn't in any way finished and 
that the character is copyright by me and Finncon Ry.