Monday, 31 May 2010

Finncon/Animecon 2011 ad by, well, me for once.

I'm currently designing some graphics for Finncon/Animecon 2011 which is the largest science fiction and fantasy event in the Nordic countries and happens to be hed in my hometown that year. I'm pretty excited about this as it is pretty seldom that I get to actually draw fantasy/scifi stuff for work :)

The first ad had to be done by today so obviously I got the material for it early last night and worked on it all night. They wanted a phoenix that is both mythological and somehow technological for the visuals. Took me a while to come up with the solution for that and I'm pretty sure I'll have to change the design later. It is still in the early stages of design as the ad was tiny and black&white so there was no need to finish it totally yet, thank the maker ;D Never the less I'll post the lines for it here as I realised I haven't posted anything actually drawn by me yet.

And here's the whole ad design.But don't expect to see this in
all the official stuff, it'll get better, promise :D

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Überwolfen by Daniel Thollin

I've spent the last couple of days playing with the colors of Daniel Thollins brilliant Überwolfen. He was kind enough to post me some pages of it so I could punter around with it. These were actually the first full comic pages I've ever colored so it was a challenge but a welcome one! I really love Thollin's style even as it is very different from what I've ever colored before. The style I normally use felt too sleek for these so I had to try and think of a whole new way to do this which was great.

Here's the first page that I colored, not 100% happy with it but hey, am I ever ;D

Seems that you guys might be seeing more stuff from Thollin colored by me in a while but more about that later ;D

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Red Sonja by Kenneth Rocafort

So after coloring this piece by Kenneth Rocafor he was kind enough to comment on it in here saying: "If this is your first color work of mine I expect is not the last one ;)" which I obviously took literally and decided to tackle his gorgeous Red Sonja lines ;)

Kenneth Rocafort's Red Sonja Pencils

Here's an in progress pic where Im laying down general colors and textures.

 And here's the finished picture where the color scheme has changed quite a bit as you can see

The theme is very far from Red Sonja but I felt the lines were so romantic that they required something different. I'm a huge fan of Alphonse Mucha so I took the inspiration from one of his works (a lama for the one who recognizes it first :D).

And no, I have no idea what it is with me and Red Sonja lately, she's never been even close to being my favorite character but I simply love coloring her. I got a request at the to color a Red Sonja by Frank Cho so I'm guessing I'll have to do at least one more :)

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Red Sonja by Adriano Batista

I got superbly frustrated with a page I'm coding so I did the flats on this Red Sonja piece in between. It is nowhere near finished but I kinda like to post the stages here too.

First here's the original pencils by the very talented Adriano Batista
And the inks by Mattias Sjostrand who was kind enough to send be the high-res version of them. Thanks again Mattias!
And here's my flats.

Ok, a bit more than flats but still really not finished.  I'll propably end up changing the colors quite a lot as theses don't make me excited at all. I tend to do pretty saturated stff but this one might already be too saturated. Comments or tips, anyone?

Friday, 21 May 2010

Vampirella by Adam Huntley

I was really impressed when I saw this picture by Adam Huntley in DeviantArt some time a go. In fact so impressed that I asked him if I could color it. He graciously said yes and even sent me a copy of it in higher resolution.
I'm really bummed that I just haven't found the time to finsh this so I thought I'd at least post some "currently under works" pictures of it.
Here you can see that I chose a nice green undertone to give the lot a "healthy" pallor. It is interesting how much a thing like undertone actually does for the picture.

I started doing this quite some time ago and I had a really bad habit of just starting to do the central figure without giving the whole composition any thought. A huge mistake. I mean I actually managed to miss the lamp in front of her as I was so enthusiastic about fixing her skin... It actually took my boyfriend who has only one working eye(yes, really) to spot it... Ehem. Anyways I thought long and hard about  just starting all over but instead just recolored it a bit as you can see here:

 And please try not to pay any attention to the god awful background, it's just there for color testing.

Not the best of choises there. Even tough I do like some of the colors on it I feel I have done no justice to the great original. I'm currently pondering if I should just scrap what I've done and start all over or just finish this and fix what I can. What do you guys think?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Elsa Bloodstone by Kenneth Rocafort

I've been a huge fan of Kenneth Rocafort's work ever since I caught the first glimpse of the Madame Mirage trade in our local comic shop. I fell so in love with his linework and color pallette that I spent days with my nose in the book without even remembering to read the story. His work still leves me with that same awed feeling every time I see it. And there aren't that many artists in the world who have that affect on me.

 The Madame Mirage TPB cover by Kenneth Rocafort. 
I am not 100% sure if he or Blond colored this one?

Now after starting this blog a few days ago I've been going through all the stuff I can do with my new toy. As I started adding blogs I love I just bumped into Kenneth Rocafort's The Rocafort Files. I have no idea why I've never before thought of looking for his blog as I follow a lot of other artists pages quite faithfully. Never the less there it was and full of the most elaborate pictures. After salivating uncontrollably for a while I just knew I had to color one. I had no plans to post it anywhere but I am so happy with the outcome that I just can't stop myself.

So here are first his original lines for Elsa Bloodstone

and then my colored version of her. I am pretty happy with this one myself, what do you guys think?

Please Mr. Rocafort, don't kill me for abusing your work like this. Prettyplease?

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Red Sonja by Mike S. Millar

I'm so posting these in the wrong order :)  I colored Mike S. Millar's Red Sonja sketch before either the Angelus or the Marvel boys. I can already see a lot of things wrong in this (like the fact that she's missing a reflection in the blood)but as it was the first pic I really tried to color from start to finish I still felt it belongs in here.

I've never been  huge fan of Red Sonja and have to admit I wasn't in love with this picture either as I first saw it. Something made me save it to my computer though and after bumping into it every once and awhile I realised I really wanted to color it. While doing that I really learned to appriciate the wonderful linework. And I guess Sonja is pretty cool in her barbarian glory too ;D

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Angelus by Ed Benes

This is a picture I colored few days ago. I've totally loved Angelus ever since I first saw her in the pages of Darkness years ago. I think Ed Benes's pencils and Jonathan Glapion's inks capture her perfectly.
I just started to color Angelus without giving the overall scheme any thought which obviously led into problems. I do that quite often as I never plan to actually finish the pic, just play with them a bit and then end up getting excited and finish the bugger. I really tried to make her pop from the background but am still not sure if I'm 100% happy with it so I might fix the colors a bit later.

Leinil Francis Yu's Marvel boys inked

I realised only after sending the first post that I could also add the inks I did for the piece I posted on that one. I have no idea if anyone is interested in these but here goes never the less.

Also you can find the original pencils by Leinil francis Yu here

Marvel boys by Leinil Francis Yu


So this is my first blog post, big surprise there. I'm a total newbie at this so please bear with me. I'm hoping to start doing this somewhat regularly. Emphasis on the word hoping.

I plan to use this space to show some of my art. Mostly the coloring stuff and sketches I do as I want to follow my own progress(or the lack of it) .
Later I might even post some of the work I do with web and prints. But as am still planning the infinity project simply called as "the portfolio" and I'd like to believe that'll be finished soon the plan is to put all the "proper" work stuff there.

I wanted to start with a pic that I colored today. The only reason is that I'm pretty happy with this one. I'll probably post some older ones afterwords, keeping the progress part in mind. Anyways, this is a piece by the super talented Leinil Francis Yu that I both inked and colored. The whole thing was done with Photoshop in about 4 hours which is a new record for me. I had also never tried using textures in this way before and am quite satisfied with the outcome even though matering his style is still REALLY far ahead.