Saturday, 20 November 2010

Zuma vs. Galema by Pagulayan & Boysicat

This is just a really quick coloring I did while trying not to fall asleep on a lecture :D

I loved these pencils by Guisadong-gulay as soon as I saw them so I was really happy to find out that the super talented Boysicat had inked it.

I have to admit I don't know who these characters are. By Googling them all I found out was that they are apparently father and daughter and that his skin is green or greenish. So if the colors are totally off, I apologize. Really loved working on this though.

The original pencils by  Carlo Pagulayan(Guisadong-gulay)
The original inks by Boysicat

I had the hardest time deciding the small snake's
colors but simply loved coloring the big one.

I first tried a blueish bg

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Batman by Finch and JPMayer REDO

So after looking at the pic (David Finch Batman I colored last night) again and getting some pointers from the super talented Mr. Ossi Hiekkala I realised there's some pretty bad problems with the earlier version. As this was the first Bats I did I wanted to do it right and started fixing it. And ended up coloring bats again and well, pretty much doing the whole thing all over. So here's the new versions. I think they're quite a lot better, but would love to know what you guys think.

The original can be found here

This one is my personal favorite

Here I combined the recolored Batman and 
the background from the old version.

Batman by Finch and JPMayer

I haven't really had the time to color anything again lately. But tonight I was too tired to do any actual work but too awake to sleep so I thought I'd tackle David Finch's Batman pin-up, inked by JPMayer.

I haven't  always been a huge fan of Batman. Frankly I felt the character was, well... Boring. I still read Catwoman, Gotham Central, Nightwing, Birds of Pray and everything I could about the superb bad guys around him. Until one day I ran out of comics about Gotham and slyly my boyfriend gave me A Long Halloween saying, this one has all your favorite characters. I wasn't too eager about it but thought I'd give it a try. After that he gave me Hush. All I can say is, my boyfriend is one smart guy :D Now it is me in our family buying all the Batman titles I can get my hands on.

I've wanted to color the character for months but never found the right pic. Or then the picture was already colored by someone so beautifully that I knew I could never get even close to it.

When I saw the inks by JPMayer in DeviantArt I knew I had found my picture. I love Finch's style and the drawing was brand new to me. I had never seen it colored. I love doing pictures like that and this one also had the right mood.

I ended up using even more texture brushes and layers then normally. I feel it gives a certain depth to pic and makes it alive.

I redid the colors on this few days later. You can find the fixed version here

The inks by JPMeyer

The final colors by me

Colors before fixing the levels

Bats without the textures and final lighting effects

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

RIP Maxi Mau

9.11.1997 - 10.11.2010

The man of my life has passed. Broke my heart.

Friday, 29 October 2010

I won!!

Holy shite I won the coloring competition over !! I'd like to thank the academy... No wait! Anyways just wanted to say YAY!! :D

Here's the pic and more about the competition in an earlier post.

YAY!! This means two years in a row so I'm SUPER stoked :D

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kenneth Rocafort Snow White

I'm trying to write an essay for school again and as last time I'm bribing myself to writing with some coloring breaks. And surprising enough i picked a pic by Kenneth Rodafort to do it. I'm such a fangirl :D

this is Snow White from Bill Willingham's wonderful comic The Fables. I'm a huge fan of this book. The series is about fairy tale characters known as the Fables. They've been forced out of their homelands by The Adversary who has conquered the realm. The Fables have traveled to our world and formed a  community in New York City known as Fabletown. The comic features all the favorite fairytale characters from Prince Charming to Red Riding Hood and boy does it give them a modern twist! To keep it short, if your not reading this yet then you really should. Now.
I wasn't totally in love with Snow as a character in the beginning but after the whole falling in love with the Big Bad Wolf... Well yeah, I'm a sucker for romance. But this pic by Rocafort I loved ever since I saw it in his blog and now that he posted it again as a bit bigger version I just had to color it. Not to mention that we got the first snow here couple of days ago so the theme felt proper :)

Original lineart by Rocafort
And with colors by yours truly

Friday, 15 October 2010

Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown

I haven't had time to color a-ny-thiiing for ages. So when my fave forum published it's annual coloring competition I just had to do it. I mean who needs sleep anyways when you can color, eh? I've before called a lot of pictures "my first coloring but the truth is(and I only realised this today) that I actually colored the first pic for this same competition a year ago. Aah, memories, memories.

I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about the comic Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown that this splash is from but kinda liked it that way. It gave me a lot of freedom. And I totally blame the lack of time for the flashy neon rodent. I'll post the pic without the glow effects too so you'll see just how I didn't have time to figure out the background colors and totally cheated with it :D

The finished one

and the one without the light(and background)

aand the original lineart

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Necrobothrium part gizillion

Just a quick post of the next step of the Necrobothrium pic. Seems this might be on it's way to becoming a cover of Tuuli Noidantytär. As I had no intention to make a cover out of this I'm now having a hard time to make this work as one. I already added Tuuli (the main character) to the loving hold of Necrobothrium's tentacles but have no idea what to add to the background. This might get really interesting in the end :D

Friday, 17 September 2010


So I thought I'd post something a bit different today.

The finnish comic publishing house MKKentertainment that I've worked for a bit before has got this great new character I just can't seem to stop drawing. Nechrobothrium's (also mentioned here) a supervillain with huge tentacles and a broken mind. Oh and she has zombie lackeys! What could be cooler then that?
I realised I haven't posted a lot of my own work (meaning drawn by me also) here and started pondering that it might be good to post a pic from start to finish here.

I have a habit of saving all the great pics I find around net for future reference. I had had this beautiful portrait by Elizabeth May on my comp for moths.

Every time I bumped to it I thought I'll have to try and draw that one day. Well, couple days ago I did. Just as practice you see, as I've realised I draw way too little nowadays. Anyways somehow the picture turned into Necrobothrium again with the tentacles :) I kinda liked the first sketch I did

But there was something seriously wrong with the positioning of the mouth and the forehead was too high. As this is supposed to be a learning experience I decided to fix the picture.

Nope, still not totally right even if it's closer now.

At this point I decided this is as I close as I can get (plus the paper started to break) and just started playing with the picture digitally.

These are just the lines for it but I'll propably end up coloring it too. I'm often REALLY self concious about my drawings and don't really like posting them anywhere but this one turned out quite nicely. and hey, the blog was all about learning, right ;D

Oh, and the "tattoo" in her arm is the logo of Tuuli Noidantytär, also a character in the MKK galaxy. Necrobothriums first public appearance was in a short comic fighting against her.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tuuli Noidantytär redo

Aaand this is what happens when I start posting old stuff and make the mistake of opening it in Photoshop. Ended up re-drawing pretty much the whole thing. Hmph.
I have no idea if I'll ever actually finish this version but thought I'd at least post it here as a reminder for myself not to go poking old pictures.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tuuli Noidantytär

So, after seeing my partner in crime Curtvile post this cover in his blog and linking it here I realised that maybe, just maybe, I should post it too :D

This is a cover I drew for an up and coming finnish comic Tuuli Noidantytär quite some time ago(well, a few months but feels like forever). It started out as a doodle of her and somehow ended as a cover. Or well, in the same way as most of my work for MKK Entertainment has ended in their comics, Curt sees me working on something  and says pretty please. See, really professional ;D

Anyways the comic will be published by MKK entertaintenment and written by Curtvile. It's about Tuuli, the withes daughter. A sort of a female superhero with a lot of horror elements in it. She among other things has a huge monster called Pohjanpeto(Northbeast) that is very handy when it comes to disposing adversarys, human meat, yum.

So I digged deep to my harddrive and even found some steps of this one. I think this was the first fully digital painting(drawing?) I ever did. And seeing it now I'm itching to fix about gizillion things in it. Anyways here goes.

Here's the original lines.

Here I've started to paint over the lines and add color. As you can see I had no idea what I was doing ;)

The picture looked like this for the longest time. I had no idea what was wrong with it and even less of an idea of how to fix it.

After just laying on my comp for a few months I took a new stab at the picture and changed, well, pretty much everything. There's still some problems with the anatomy and all. I'm pretty sure I'll fix it one more time before it actually ends up in print. Btw the logo is also designed by me. I have done quite a lot of those for the comics of MKK.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Baroness by Kenneth Rocafort

I'm in the midst of writing a looong essay to school and as I hate doing that I have to bribe myself into doing it. Every few pages I got to color Kenneth Rocaforts beautiful Baroness lines for a while.
I totally failed in this today thought as I ended up spending extra minutes on this and finishing it. Guess I'll now really need to write the essay. damn.

I tried something pretty different with this one and went with textured brushes and a lot of layer styles instead of textured backgrounds which I usually use. I really enjoyed doing this one, it feels like ages since I did a full on pin-up(Psylocke and Elektra obviously don't count, right?). Oh, and how the hell haven't I realised before that using the screen layer style I can color the lines with ease? I'm an idiot but a happy idiot as I finally got it ;D

 The pencils by Kenneth Rocafort

The flats

With the highlights, bells and whistles

And the finished picture

Friday, 27 August 2010

Vaempir Testament by Stephen Lindsay & Daniel Thollin

Last spring I got asked to re-color the beginning of Vaempire Testament by the super talented Stephen Lindsay & Daniel Thollin. It was my first "real job" in coloring comics(and these are also the very first comic pages I've ever colored) so I was really excited about this one, and still am :) I love Thollins style so it was a total joy to work on these.

Sadly it seems that the guys won't have the time to continue the story right now so the project is on stand still also on my part. I really hope they'll find the time to do it one day as it's a way too good of a comic to be just  forgotten.

I can already see about gizillion things in the pages that I'd like to fix as I've learned so much about coloring this summer but I'll just post them as they are right now.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

And remember to check out the pages of the comic that are already online here

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SICK OF THE LIVING DEAD! - Welcome to Camp Kill-A-Way!

Finally a page from the Slasher comic I've been coloring has been posted online so I can do the same thing. It's been killing me to keep this under wraps :)

I've told more about the project here  (and remember to check the Horror News Network thread for the comic too! Link) but it's basically a "slasher/horror comic about two teens who hunt down the creatures that go bump in the night and exterminate them with extreme prejudice". 

This here is page 4, I'll be posting more pages as soon as I get the ok to do it. I tried a lot of new stuff with this comic and am pretty happy with how it turned out. Once again I mostly forgot to save steps toward the finished piece but here's some at least.

The original pencils

 The comic wasn't inked so I just took out all the Blue Line marks(which was a total bitch to do, never again) and fixed the lines the best I could.

 Here's pretty much all the colors.

After the colors I added some color overlays to all the pages. Gave it the night time feel and made the fire look hot.

 And here's finally the finished page

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Little Necrobothrium Hood

Here's a little something I drew for my boyfriend. He's a comic writer and used one of my doodles as bases for a character he wrote. The script is now going off to the penciller and he asked for the original doodle to send with it as reference. As I felt the original was hidious I refused to let it go and made him this one instead ;)

I am also in the midst of creating characters for a short animation right now so I slyly used the opportunity to try and come up with a style for the main character while doing this one. Scrap the tentacles, add a hood an voila, it's Red Riding Hood ;D

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Psylocke by Gilbert Monsanto

First off, 1000 hits in just a few months. Wow, thanks guys :)

After coloring Gilbert Monsanto's beautiful Elektra I just had to tackle his Psylocke too. I love pin-ups like this as they work so perfectly as morning warm-ups.
Oh and someone asked me what is a morning warm-up. Well, before the coffee kicks in in the morning I like to color a simple pin-up or draw something tiny. As with those I can just go with the flow of it and not fuss about all the details as much as I have to in "real work". So mostly it's my attempt to do something fun and almost productive in the morning instead of just hitting refresh button every few minutes in Facebook ;D

But yeah, here's Gilbert Monsanto's pencils of Psylocke

And here's my colors for it

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Elektra by Gilbert Monsanto and Alejandro D. Sicat Jr

I already colored this pic some time ago but was hoping to find time to work on it a bit more some day so I never posted it. Well, I don't seem to find the time so here it is with mistakes and all. And yeah, the ninjas in the background suck, I know :D

The pencils are by Gilbert Monsanto and the inks by Alejandro D. Sicat Jr. Alejandro was kind enough to give me a permisson to color his inks.

 The finished colors

The original pencils
The inks

An in progress shot