Falling from above

So I finally have something to show again! I've been working on quite a lot of things lately but haven't been able to post anything until now.

This is the first page from a comic called Falling from above written by the very talented Brady Sullivan, drawn by Angel Tovar and Philip Matias on inks. And yeah obviously me doing the colors. 

Here you can see the lines

This was the first time doing a superhero comic for me and it took quite some time to find a good color scheme for it. I realised pretty early on that making those bright superheroish colors is a lot harder then it looks! After a lot of trial and error I pretty much gave up and just decided to go with the kind of colors I love, you guessed it:de-sat :D Thankfully they worked out better then expected for this and as the story isn't really your straight forward superhero thing anyways I think the darker and more sinister colors emphasise that nicely.

And here's the colors


  1. Where is the pink kalasnikov ? Oh come on every robber should have one :)

  2. With the Hello Kitty print? I think that's being saved for the later pages ;D


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