Gerard Way

Finally a new post. Just a simple portrait of Gerard Way.
The autumn has been really tough, we've had deaths in the family and one of my best friends was hospitalized in a very serious condition. For me all this caused a total creators block. I couldn't draw or color anything for months, just couldn't make myself pick up the pen/stylus.
As my thesis is due in few months and it's supposed to be a hand drawn 2D animation I have to get out of this rut, and fast.

I've been starting with simple anatomy studies but wanted to do something else too so decided to make a quick sketch of Mr. Way for my friend Kaisas's b-day(which is today, happy b-day again Kaisa! :D) but then ended up using a bit more time to it and it became a full on double rainbow. Okay, sorry, have just been dying to use the double rainbow bit and this was getting too serious ;)

Anyways I've liked MCR for a few years but the new album pretty much threw my socks off.

So yes, it's time to come out of the closet, I am the world's oldest emo teen.

Interstingly enough this is a band I didn't care much about before I read Gerards brilliant Umbrella Academy and wanting to read more from him turned to My Chemical Romance's lyrics. So for me he'll propably always be first and foremost a comic god. Not saying that I didn't make sure I have a ticket to their Finnish gig in the spring and plan to jump like crazy when they play Planetary(Go!) ;D

Might color this at some point but I kinda like the way it is looks b&w.

Edit: Or maybe this is the final version? Ended up combining both and actually really love it :D

Final version

The nose was quite different at the first version.


  1. Excellent stuff, no sign of any block here. Although, have to admit I prefer the nose in the first version since I think the line matches the one under the nose perfectly... ;)

  2. Thanks! I really like the nose in the first version too, just couldn't get the tip to work as I wanted to so I changed it. Might still have to fix the first one to be the final version at some point ;D

  3. Hmm... Combined them right away, have to say I like it :D

  4. Very good! This works well without colours.

  5. Thanks guys! Still not 100% sure about the nose but I think it's time to give it a rest already :D


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