Alice in Wonderland

Alice on her way to Wonderland. Or out of it?
It's been a while since I've posted here. I have been quite preoccupied with my dayjob, sick cats, broken toes and whatnot. But it doesn't mean that I haven done stuff I could post, I've just never got around to posting them. Lazy me. I promise to flog myself for it as soon as I find the time for it.

The picture is of an Alice in Wonderland themed piece I've been working on for a while now. It is supposed to work as both a standalone piece and my blog's new header. If I ever manage to finish it...

This pic is a perfect example of a piece for wich I had a very clear idea when I started and then have ended up changing basically everything after that. Sometimes an idea just never quite works, however you love it. Or the style you have chosen for it is just all wrong.

The idea is quite simple. The not quite so "little" Alice and White Rabbit hanging on a bench somewhere while the smoke from her cigarette makes a nouveau styled frame for the blog header.

Being happy with the sketch I progressed to lines.

And from that to a quick color test. I decided to paint the picture instead of just coloring it. I get to do that quite rarely so I though it would be good practice for me. I liked the idea of Alice being almost and albino.

But maybe a bit of color would be in order? Or outlines?

 Or maybe a darker hair?

Or a blond one?

No wait! She could be a brunette with a deadly pallor!

At this point I had redone the pic approximately 10 000 and started reminding one of Sleeping Beauty's Godmothers "Red!" "No! Blue!" "I want Green!"

I basically gave up on the pic all together at this point. I had very little time for drawing as it is so I didn't want to use it fighting with myself.
But then one day I came up with an idea. What if they were in the subway?...

Finally I had the idea down but something was still missing. Few days back I realised what it was. The style was just all wrong for the piece. As the style that is right for it is squite slow it might take forever for this one to actually be ready but hey, at least I'm on the right track and love doing it. It is very different from anything I've done before but that just makes it more interesting.
Close up


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