Michael Fassbender as David the Android

David the Android and the Xenomorph
I went to see Prometheus yesterday as it opened here. Pretty much the only part that impressed me about the it was the android, David. And even his part was pretty bad. This movie is on the level of Syfy bits, just has a bigger budget. Being a huge fan of the Alien frachise otherwise this just made me want to crawl under my seat and rock myself gently while humming something soothing.

Never the less it lead to a bit of late night sketching and turned into a portrait of the said android, David.

I did this in a slightly different way than usually. I don't normally just copy stuff but have several reference pictures that I use to get the finished image. I use a lot of time sketching and making details. This time I just went with it and it's actually not at all detailed when you get up close. So it's a whole lot sketchier then normally. This was also a lot faster to do so I might give something like this another try later on. I'll probably finish this tomorrow, it's still missing a lot of details.

Here's steps until now though.


Finished sketch

I just crudely started painting over the sketch

Aaaand here I forgot to save the steps...

Added ear

I felt the pic was missing something so I gave him a friend.
Almost there


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