Matt Smith as Doctor Who

Matt Smith as Doctor Who

I am on a sick leave with a busted leg and have been keeping myself occupied by re-watching pretty much every season of Doctor Who. That and all the juicy Doctor news and stuff that came from the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend lead me to pain Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor. I have always liked Tennant the best as Doctors go but Smith has really grown on me lately.

And I have been teased about painting pretty boys a looot lately. Smith is mainly a very peculiar looking boy so ;)

Here's a couple of steps to the finished piece. Sadly really only a couple as I painted most of this on one layer and didn't remember to save any progress shots. 

Original sketch and the flats
The bulk of the portrait is ready
Added some extra lighting and color for depth and the jawline.
This was originally the finished piece but then decided it looked nicer without the linework.
The reason for the annoying disclaimer text is that I have lately been bumping into a lot of my work online without any reference to who has done it and in coupleof cases even someone else claming to have do it. I do sign my work but guess it's not enough so from now on I'll be adding this to all my work.


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