Mr.Fantastic vs. Sue Storm by Leinil Francis Yu

I started coloring this picture as a quick morning warm-up. Well, in the end I spent a biiit more than the 20 minutes I had planned to but I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I've never been a huge fan of Fantastic Four but again Leinil Francis Yu's lines just captured me and I simply had to color this. The lines are for Secret Invasion #5 cover, Yu variant. These are the second pencils by him that I color and both have felt like the picture was coloring itself. His pencils are so tight and beautiful colors find their place without even trying. And I feel this particular style with textures fits them well. I didn't mean to use textures in this one but just had to add them in the end :)

*Edit* I'm an idiot, totally forgot to post the original lines! Here they are:

Here's the finished picture

for once I remembered to save some steps too so here they are

This is the finished version without the background and texture. They make a world of difference to othervise pretty bland coloring.
Here I've added the flats and refined both characters faces and hair a bit.

*Edit* Finally found the original colored version so I'll post that too. One of the reasons I picked this picture was that I had not seen the original colors. It's a lot more interesting to color something without seeing what it's "supposed to" look like :)


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