Don't have a new pic to post here but thought I'd post a small update about why I haven't been posting as often lately. The thing is I actually got some "real" coloring to do :) I'm coloring two comics at the moment, the first one and closest to my heart is the brilliant Vaempir Testament by the super talented Steven Lindsay and Daniel Thollin. Daniel has before colored his own work(really bloody well I might add, this will take some stepping up to the plate from me :D) which you can still see here . This comic is super cool so just go check it out!
It took me a while to decide on the style to go with this as I want to keep my own style but obviously as one that fits the comic, what the guys are after and also new and interesting to do. I think I've now finally found it so am hoping to start cranking out pages in light speed this week :)

The second one I'm doing is just a quick 8-pager for Jason Powell from the FYI-comics. The comic is a  short story done for submission to DWP 2.0 called  "Sick of the living dead!: Welcome to Camp Kill-A-Way". Can't say much about this yet as I haven't even seen more then the cover yet :D 
But I'm hoping it will be a blast! I'm guessing I can post the pencils for the cover as they were already on the forum too.


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