Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown

I haven't had time to color a-ny-thiiing for ages. So when my fave forum published it's annual coloring competition I just had to do it. I mean who needs sleep anyways when you can color, eh? I've before called a lot of pictures "my first coloring but the truth is(and I only realised this today) that I actually colored the first pic for this same competition a year ago. Aah, memories, memories.

I have to admit I know absolutely nothing about the comic Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown that this splash is from but kinda liked it that way. It gave me a lot of freedom. And I totally blame the lack of time for the flashy neon rodent. I'll post the pic without the glow effects too so you'll see just how I didn't have time to figure out the background colors and totally cheated with it :D

The finished one

and the one without the light(and background)

aand the original lineart


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