Elsa Bloodstone by Kenneth Rocafort

I've been a huge fan of Kenneth Rocafort's work ever since I caught the first glimpse of the Madame Mirage trade in our local comic shop. I fell so in love with his linework and color pallette that I spent days with my nose in the book without even remembering to read the story. His work still leves me with that same awed feeling every time I see it. And there aren't that many artists in the world who have that affect on me.

 The Madame Mirage TPB cover by Kenneth Rocafort. 
I am not 100% sure if he or Blond colored this one?

Now after starting this blog a few days ago I've been going through all the stuff I can do with my new toy. As I started adding blogs I love I just bumped into Kenneth Rocafort's The Rocafort Files. I have no idea why I've never before thought of looking for his blog as I follow a lot of other artists pages quite faithfully. Never the less there it was and full of the most elaborate pictures. After salivating uncontrollably for a while I just knew I had to color one. I had no plans to post it anywhere but I am so happy with the outcome that I just can't stop myself.

So here are first his original lines for Elsa Bloodstone

and then my colored version of her. I am pretty happy with this one myself, what do you guys think?

Please Mr. Rocafort, don't kill me for abusing your work like this. Prettyplease?


  1. Beautiful piece. i like how you've managed to remain faithful to lineart, to magnify it's clarity and power.
    One of your best coloring works yet for sure.

  2. Thank you! I really tried to keep to Rocafort's style up to the point of making the linework toned instead of the hard black I normally use.

  3. Thanks ZT! I'm kinda falling in love with this grittier textured style right now :D

  4. Hi Sari!!!

    Don't worry I wouldn't kill you :D In fact I'm glad you appreciate my art and that you did a nice interpretation with your colors. If this is your first color work of mine I expect is not the last one ;) Take care!

    Data: All the covers that I draw of Madame Mirage are color by me and the first 3 pages of issue #1


  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!
    I'm just normally really careful to have the permission of the original artist before I post anything of them anywhere so I was really worried about this one :)

    I can promise this will not be the last one of your pieces I'll color as I really do love your work :)

    And thank you on the info. I knew about the pages but didn't find the info of the covers anywhere.

    Sari Sariola

  6. Love it! =O i am following you on twitter, and sent you a message (but obviously you didn't get it XD) i love your rocafort colors! do you take requests? if so, i would love to see you color something of Michael Turner's ! =O

  7. Sorry, I answered you as soon as I saw your messge. I try to check Twitter as often as possible but still don't do it often enough :)

    I'll get to the Michael Turner pic as soon as I find the time, I'm coloring 3 comics at the moment of which two are ongoing so my time is sadly a bit limited. I love Turners style so I can't wait to color something from him :)

  8. Hello Sari
    I am a Special Olympics coach and out team name is the Otters. We would like to put your Olly the Otter character on our team shirts. Would you be willing to give us permission to use that image for our team T-shirts?


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