Zuma vs. Galema by Pagulayan & Boysicat

This is just a really quick coloring I did while trying not to fall asleep on a lecture :D

I loved these pencils by Guisadong-gulay as soon as I saw them so I was really happy to find out that the super talented Boysicat had inked it.

I have to admit I don't know who these characters are. By Googling them all I found out was that they are apparently father and daughter and that his skin is green or greenish. So if the colors are totally off, I apologize. Really loved working on this though.

The original pencils by  Carlo Pagulayan(Guisadong-gulay)
The original inks by Boysicat

I had the hardest time deciding the small snake's
colors but simply loved coloring the big one.

I first tried a blueish bg


  1. I like your colors, i try to be an artist too but the laziness just got me.

    Anyway you have some good works here.


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