Gerard Way portrait

I've been a bit under the weather last few days with a nasty flu. So as I wasn't well enough to actually work but not dead enough to just lay in bed I decided to sketch a bit. Well, a bit more then a bit as this one turned into a full digital painting and I ended up using couple of hours on it. I'm quite happy with how it turned out even though there is still something a bit odd going on with the hair(I won't even mention the hands. Trust me, I know.). Meant to make it very short first(see the first step) but then wasn't too into it and ended fiddling with it way longer then I was supposed to. Anyways this worked as a really nice b&w practice piece, might have to make a few more of these when I find the time.

And I simply loved just doing something non thesis/work related for the first time in ages.

The final painting


Original sketch
I actually really like this stage. Thought of leaving it like this for a while but then decided to push on.

The eyes still looked a bit possessed in this one and the hair was wonky.

And yes, I am still the worlds oldest emo teen.


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