Zombie Chick at the Comic Punks

The not quite final final piece

This is still not 100% finished, but I was so late with this already that I decided to post it. This is for the Week 2 mission of Comic Punks. The mission was ”Something old, something new, something borrowed”.  I posted this pic already in the ComicPunks yesterday but thought I'd post the steps here again as this pic changed quite a lot on the way.

Originally I was planning to combine drawing this mission and a tattoo for myself but ended up taking Cassie Hack from the comic Hack/Slash instead as I was never quite happy with the zombie. I still wanted to finish the pic for the Punks though.
After playing with it for a while I got the idea that it would make a brilliant vector. I love making vectors, but for some reason do them very seldom. So I pretty much started again... Again :D

I really want to finish this and it's companion piece, Frankenstein's bride but have no idea if I'll ever find the time to do it. Hence the posting of an unfinished piece.

Original sketch
I cleaned out the sketch and realised thatif you draw a zombie without leggs it just looks like a posy hottie. Sadly the tattoo would have been a part of a series and the legs just didn't fit.
So I tried doing something complitely different... but still wasn't happy.
At this point I just went to a complitely different direction and really liked it. This version is still done in Photoshop though so as I decided to make the pic a vector I re-did everything.
A close up of the face. The face is the most finished part of the piece. As you can see I changed the vector version quite a lot from the Photoshop one, even though the idea is the same.


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