Sansa Stark WIP

Changed the color scheme a bit and realized that I hate painting crowns.

I started painting Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones some time ago. I still haven't had the time to finish her but thought I'd post some process shots already.

The finished piece can be seen HERE

Some shades
At first I planned to paint her in grayscale
More shades
I started playing around with Photoshop layers to give her some color and then painted over with the shades I wanted. A REALLY hard way to do this and I doubt I'll try it again.

In full color but details still missing.


  1. I find the change between step two and step three very interesting. It is almost a completely different face, the eyes, eye socket shading, and the nose shape are all completely different between two and three as well as the the outline of the face becoming larger and the chin and jawbone, in fact the only things that are similar are the cheekbones and the hair and background.
    Do you just play around until it looks right to you? I would be interested to see some of the steps between two and three, would that be possible? Just curious.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    I actually basically started again from the sketch between 2 and 3 :) Sadly it doesn't show in the pictures as I'm really bad at saving steps... I always plan to but then just get swept away by the work and forget to actually do it. I just felt that I was going in the wrong direction with the second one and instead of fixing it it was faster to just start the shading anew. Basically I put the second one in just so that people could see what a big overhaul it was, but I should have explained it better.

  3. Very good but looks better without the crown.


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