Otty the Otter

As you might know I work as a graphic-, publication- and web-designer/illustrator/video editor and a general "whatever visual you throw my way I'll do my best to make it work" type a person at the UBC Commission on Environment. The amount of publications we put out for different environmental projects is very varied and includes everything from full brand designs to books and web platforms. This time we made a mobile game. It was our first and there is still a lot of things to finish on the code side, but as my part is done I can already show you guys all that jazz. You'll get to play the game too at a later time, promise. 

Otty the Otter and his super flashy kick bike.
Otty the Otter was developed as part of an  environmental education and awareness raising project. It's a part of a bigger package that includes stuff for the teachers to use while teaching kids about the water footprint. The game is aimed both at kids and teens which is basically an impossible age group to develop anything for. It has to be childish enough for the younger kids but not too childish to be cool for teens too. So we ended up with Otty.

Hullo, I am Otty an overly happy otter.
A friendly (and slightly psychotic looking) otter who adventures between Turku and St Petersburg on his red kick bike. The goal is to use as little water as possible while also collecting food items in order to keep up his energy. Without understanding the balance between these items it is not possible to finish the game as Otty will run out of energy and just fall asleep on his tracks. Originally Otty looked much more realistic and wore a small top hat. But in the end we opted for a more cartoony and colorful look to suit the age group better.

The plan is to later develop more stages where he gets to switch the kick bike to a skateboard. And maybe a jetpack. Also I really, REALLY want to give him the opportunity to have a top hat and an old bike as originally planned. Its just almost impossible to make those tiny paws reach the paddles...  Yup. 
 You can download the Demo version for Otty here: but I'd suggest waiting for the finished game. I'll post the link here as soon as it comes out :)
The game is developed by the Union of the Baltic Cities, Commission on Environment Secretariat, as a part of “Baltic Sea needs Actions 2012–2013” project.
The game developers:
Editor:Stella Aaltonen
Graphics: Sari Sariola
Code: Kaj-Michael Lang.


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