Baroness by Kenneth Rocafort

I'm in the midst of writing a looong essay to school and as I hate doing that I have to bribe myself into doing it. Every few pages I got to color Kenneth Rocaforts beautiful Baroness lines for a while.
I totally failed in this today thought as I ended up spending extra minutes on this and finishing it. Guess I'll now really need to write the essay. damn.

I tried something pretty different with this one and went with textured brushes and a lot of layer styles instead of textured backgrounds which I usually use. I really enjoyed doing this one, it feels like ages since I did a full on pin-up(Psylocke and Elektra obviously don't count, right?). Oh, and how the hell haven't I realised before that using the screen layer style I can color the lines with ease? I'm an idiot but a happy idiot as I finally got it ;D

 The pencils by Kenneth Rocafort

The flats

With the highlights, bells and whistles

And the finished picture


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