So I thought I'd post something a bit different today.

The finnish comic publishing house MKKentertainment that I've worked for a bit before has got this great new character I just can't seem to stop drawing. Nechrobothrium's (also mentioned here) a supervillain with huge tentacles and a broken mind. Oh and she has zombie lackeys! What could be cooler then that?
I realised I haven't posted a lot of my own work (meaning drawn by me also) here and started pondering that it might be good to post a pic from start to finish here.

I have a habit of saving all the great pics I find around net for future reference. I had had this beautiful portrait by Elizabeth May on my comp for moths.

Every time I bumped to it I thought I'll have to try and draw that one day. Well, couple days ago I did. Just as practice you see, as I've realised I draw way too little nowadays. Anyways somehow the picture turned into Necrobothrium again with the tentacles :) I kinda liked the first sketch I did

But there was something seriously wrong with the positioning of the mouth and the forehead was too high. As this is supposed to be a learning experience I decided to fix the picture.

Nope, still not totally right even if it's closer now.

At this point I decided this is as I close as I can get (plus the paper started to break) and just started playing with the picture digitally.

These are just the lines for it but I'll propably end up coloring it too. I'm often REALLY self concious about my drawings and don't really like posting them anywhere but this one turned out quite nicely. and hey, the blog was all about learning, right ;D

Oh, and the "tattoo" in her arm is the logo of Tuuli Noidantytär, also a character in the MKK galaxy. Necrobothriums first public appearance was in a short comic fighting against her.


  1. It's too late. I spend almoust five minutes, trying to remember word "mouthand".

    Awesome, as usual. And, like I mentioned before, when I downloaded the picture I noticed the name was "cover". That's just plain awesome.

  2. It's actually not a typo, I just wanted to know if anyone reads any of this stuff. Honestly.

    Glad you like it. I asked Sippo earlier today if he thinks that you feel like I'm stepping on your toes with the cover thing. He told me that after working with him you've propably got the strongest toes in business so no xD

  3. When the quality is this good, I got no feet.

  4. Oh man, Jenni is so going to come behind our door with that zombie killin' axe if you lose your feet because of us, isn't she?

  5. Yes, and she knows when you're home cause of the cameras.

  6. Except if we're hiding in the bathroom. You forgot to put the cameras there the last time. Why don't you guys come over some day, I'll install some proper painting programs on your comp and Sippo can help you install the rest of the hidden cameras. You know, to make sure we have no idea where they are.


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