Tuuli Noidantytär

So, after seeing my partner in crime Curtvile post this cover in his blog and linking it here I realised that maybe, just maybe, I should post it too :D

This is a cover I drew for an up and coming finnish comic Tuuli Noidantytär quite some time ago(well, a few months but feels like forever). It started out as a doodle of her and somehow ended as a cover. Or well, in the same way as most of my work for MKK Entertainment has ended in their comics, Curt sees me working on something  and says pretty please. See, really professional ;D

Anyways the comic will be published by MKK entertaintenment and written by Curtvile. It's about Tuuli, the withes daughter. A sort of a female superhero with a lot of horror elements in it. She among other things has a huge monster called Pohjanpeto(Northbeast) that is very handy when it comes to disposing adversarys, human meat, yum.

So I digged deep to my harddrive and even found some steps of this one. I think this was the first fully digital painting(drawing?) I ever did. And seeing it now I'm itching to fix about gizillion things in it. Anyways here goes.

Here's the original lines.

Here I've started to paint over the lines and add color. As you can see I had no idea what I was doing ;)

The picture looked like this for the longest time. I had no idea what was wrong with it and even less of an idea of how to fix it.

After just laying on my comp for a few months I took a new stab at the picture and changed, well, pretty much everything. There's still some problems with the anatomy and all. I'm pretty sure I'll fix it one more time before it actually ends up in print. Btw the logo is also designed by me. I have done quite a lot of those for the comics of MKK.


  1. En voi lakata tuijottamasta tuota pyllyä... :3

  2. Se oli alunperin vielä täyteläisempi mutta viimetingassa kuorin osan pois :D


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