Marvel boys by Leinil Francis Yu


So this is my first blog post, big surprise there. I'm a total newbie at this so please bear with me. I'm hoping to start doing this somewhat regularly. Emphasis on the word hoping.

I plan to use this space to show some of my art. Mostly the coloring stuff and sketches I do as I want to follow my own progress(or the lack of it) .
Later I might even post some of the work I do with web and prints. But as am still planning the infinity project simply called as "the portfolio" and I'd like to believe that'll be finished soon the plan is to put all the "proper" work stuff there.

I wanted to start with a pic that I colored today. The only reason is that I'm pretty happy with this one. I'll probably post some older ones afterwords, keeping the progress part in mind. Anyways, this is a piece by the super talented Leinil Francis Yu that I both inked and colored. The whole thing was done with Photoshop in about 4 hours which is a new record for me. I had also never tried using textures in this way before and am quite satisfied with the outcome even though matering his style is still REALLY far ahead.


  1. beautifully colored and inked piece. the weathered texture suits the piece giving it added rough edge.

    any pieces such as this coming up in the near future?

  2. I think the Rocafort one I did with Elsa Bloodstone has a sort of the same style but as Yu's lines are a lot "grittier" to begin with(even though the obvious similarities in their styles other than that)it isn't quite as rough. Not to mention Elsa is a lot prettier then any of the Marvel boys ;D


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