Vampirella by Adam Huntley

I was really impressed when I saw this picture by Adam Huntley in DeviantArt some time a go. In fact so impressed that I asked him if I could color it. He graciously said yes and even sent me a copy of it in higher resolution.
I'm really bummed that I just haven't found the time to finsh this so I thought I'd at least post some "currently under works" pictures of it.
Here you can see that I chose a nice green undertone to give the lot a "healthy" pallor. It is interesting how much a thing like undertone actually does for the picture.

I started doing this quite some time ago and I had a really bad habit of just starting to do the central figure without giving the whole composition any thought. A huge mistake. I mean I actually managed to miss the lamp in front of her as I was so enthusiastic about fixing her skin... It actually took my boyfriend who has only one working eye(yes, really) to spot it... Ehem. Anyways I thought long and hard about  just starting all over but instead just recolored it a bit as you can see here:

 And please try not to pay any attention to the god awful background, it's just there for color testing.

Not the best of choises there. Even tough I do like some of the colors on it I feel I have done no justice to the great original. I'm currently pondering if I should just scrap what I've done and start all over or just finish this and fix what I can. What do you guys think?


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