Red Sonja by Adriano Batista

I got superbly frustrated with a page I'm coding so I did the flats on this Red Sonja piece in between. It is nowhere near finished but I kinda like to post the stages here too.

First here's the original pencils by the very talented Adriano Batista
And the inks by Mattias Sjostrand who was kind enough to send be the high-res version of them. Thanks again Mattias!
And here's my flats.

Ok, a bit more than flats but still really not finished.  I'll propably end up changing the colors quite a lot as theses don't make me excited at all. I tend to do pretty saturated stff but this one might already be too saturated. Comments or tips, anyone?


  1. The flats look really nice, only question in my mind is the flaming arrows in I guess the bad guy behind Red Sonja.
    Apparently incidiary material burns with a high temperature but maybe they could be bit darker, smokier kind of fire?
    Just a suggestion.
    As it is a work in progress there will undoubtable be several changes in lighting etc.

    Cool pic.

  2. Yeah I plan on fixing the lighting a LOT as this version is just for checking how the overall color scheme works. I'll have to fix the fires with everything else, it really does look pretty ridiculous how it is now, doesn't it :D

  3. Superb work, just remove the arrow from that poor zombie's mouth and he will seem more menacing. Right now it's like he's trying to smoke an arrow and he can't light it even though his hair is on fire. What I mean is that the arrow is totally out of place there, completely unnecessary and awkward in an otherwise spotless picture.

  4. Thanks! I can't really take the arrow out as the original lines aren't mine :) That's the good part in using someone else's pencils, you just have to concentrate on the color and ignore it if there's something you don't like in them. Makes me insane though ;D


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