Red Sonja by Kenneth Rocafort

So after coloring this piece by Kenneth Rocafor he was kind enough to comment on it in here saying: "If this is your first color work of mine I expect is not the last one ;)" which I obviously took literally and decided to tackle his gorgeous Red Sonja lines ;)

Kenneth Rocafort's Red Sonja Pencils

Here's an in progress pic where Im laying down general colors and textures.

 And here's the finished picture where the color scheme has changed quite a bit as you can see

The theme is very far from Red Sonja but I felt the lines were so romantic that they required something different. I'm a huge fan of Alphonse Mucha so I took the inspiration from one of his works (a lama for the one who recognizes it first :D).

And no, I have no idea what it is with me and Red Sonja lately, she's never been even close to being my favorite character but I simply love coloring her. I got a request at the to color a Red Sonja by Frank Cho so I'm guessing I'll have to do at least one more :)


  1. wow, never thought I'd see a frail Red Sonja(in a positive sense).
    Love the palette you've used.
    And on Frank Cho: Yes please, but frankly, any of his many art pieces will do.

  2. Oh yes! Please do Frank Cho! Perhaps Brandy from his Comic! :D

  3. I'm glad you like the palette, it is very different from what I normally use but it was fun to do something so frail.

    I just started coloring a cover of Astounding Wolfman by Frank Cho. Not quite Brandy but it's go a cute girl in it too, sort of ;D

  4. Sari, I am amazed at how talented you are!!! I know that most people either reading this blog are artistic. I am not in that group! You are!!! Keep up the great work....maybe I'll throw a request your way either on your blog or via horrorcomics!

  5. Thanks ZT! Feel free to throw requests at my way any time :)

  6. don't take this the wrong way, but i kinda like more the "work in progress image". Great work overall!

  7. Sorry, totally missed your comment before! The finished image was mainly a test to use very different colors from what I normally use, looking back now I have to say I like the work in progress shot more too :D

  8. Wow, great! I'm new into blogging, that's great work! How'd you get a piece by KR?

  9. Hey,
    May I use your colored version of Kenneth's picture for one of my Longboards? Want to draw/paint it so hardly!
    Kenneth is already asked.. ;)

    Greetings from germany,

    PS: Take a look at my works:

    Mail me: wolfsschmiede [at]

  10. Nice.I found a picture a few month back-one of Rachel Welch,in the movie Bedazzled.Rachel wears a bikini,that looks allot Red Sonja.I'm trying to color it and fix it up look like Red Sonja,then put it up my blog and elsewhere,like Facebook.


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