Elektra by Gilbert Monsanto and Alejandro D. Sicat Jr

I already colored this pic some time ago but was hoping to find time to work on it a bit more some day so I never posted it. Well, I don't seem to find the time so here it is with mistakes and all. And yeah, the ninjas in the background suck, I know :D

The pencils are by Gilbert Monsanto and the inks by Alejandro D. Sicat Jr. Alejandro was kind enough to give me a permisson to color his inks.

 The finished colors

The original pencils
The inks

An in progress shot


  1. Is there any particular reason you post mainly colorations of existing line-art or is just the kind of art you like most as spare time work?
    And do I recognize correctly, that you also kept the Wordpress from David's course? ;)

  2. Well, I started coloring stuff during boring classes, just not to fall asleep :) Then quite suddenly people started offering me work in coloring comics. I find coloring stuff really relaxing and fun so I said yes and am currently coloring two ongoing comics and one short one-shot. I still obviously do other work too(web sites, graphic design, whatever). I just decided to keep this blog mainly as a coloring blog. My portfolio for the other stuff is elsewhere.

    And no, this isn't the same wordpress thing. Even simpler, an automatic blogspot one. I just never got around to coding myself a proper page :D

  3. Ah ok, didn't realize your works were "for work" so to speak, as on facebook only single pictures and no full framed pages popped up. ;) And yes, they are great in fact. Makes me thinking about doing it again, like I did when my tablet was new.

    And, well... Since I started my bachelor report on a C++-Project I started modifying my Wordpress and an associate phpbb to keep my mind off. Kinda my painting ;)


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