Psylocke by Gilbert Monsanto

First off, 1000 hits in just a few months. Wow, thanks guys :)

After coloring Gilbert Monsanto's beautiful Elektra I just had to tackle his Psylocke too. I love pin-ups like this as they work so perfectly as morning warm-ups.
Oh and someone asked me what is a morning warm-up. Well, before the coffee kicks in in the morning I like to color a simple pin-up or draw something tiny. As with those I can just go with the flow of it and not fuss about all the details as much as I have to in "real work". So mostly it's my attempt to do something fun and almost productive in the morning instead of just hitting refresh button every few minutes in Facebook ;D

But yeah, here's Gilbert Monsanto's pencils of Psylocke

And here's my colors for it


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