SICK OF THE LIVING DEAD! - Welcome to Camp Kill-A-Way!

Finally a page from the Slasher comic I've been coloring has been posted online so I can do the same thing. It's been killing me to keep this under wraps :)

I've told more about the project here  (and remember to check the Horror News Network thread for the comic too! Link) but it's basically a "slasher/horror comic about two teens who hunt down the creatures that go bump in the night and exterminate them with extreme prejudice". 

This here is page 4, I'll be posting more pages as soon as I get the ok to do it. I tried a lot of new stuff with this comic and am pretty happy with how it turned out. Once again I mostly forgot to save steps toward the finished piece but here's some at least.

The original pencils

 The comic wasn't inked so I just took out all the Blue Line marks(which was a total bitch to do, never again) and fixed the lines the best I could.

 Here's pretty much all the colors.

After the colors I added some color overlays to all the pages. Gave it the night time feel and made the fire look hot.

 And here's finally the finished page


  1. Sari! This looks AWESOME!!!! Great Job, can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks ZT, I'm really glad you like it! I am pretty proud of this myself, learned so much doing this :)

  3. Didn't know you also did the inking. Colours look great as well. I'm so impressed!!

  4. Thank youu! :) The inking I did was mostly ink the lines that REALLY must be inked and just make the rest blacker ;D I would have loved to do it porperly but simply didn't have the time. I'm pretty sure I'll never again forget to ask if the comic is inked before I promise to color it ;D


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