Falling from above page 3

Haven't posted anything in a while but for once I have a good reason. One of my cats decided to go kinda psycho on me and attacked my right hand with full force. Being it's the hottest summer here in years it obviously got infected which meant good wholesome family fun for all in the way of antibiotics and puss removing. Yuch. And as I am right handed it meant no work or anything for a while. The day when I realised I can play Mini Ninjas using only my left hand pretty much saved me from dying of boredom ;D

So this page has been already done for a while but  I haven't been able to post it before. As the title says it's page 3 from Falling from above.

This is the last page for a while as I really need to finish some other projects in between but I will continue coloring this in the near future.

Right now I'm working on finishing the brilliant slasher comic Camp Kill-A-Way I've talked about earlier in this blog. Sadly I have no idea if I'm allowed to show anything from it yet. Kinda sucks as I think it's the best work I've done to this day and am dying to post it :)


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